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Over the last few years, many Japanese watch brands have been focusing on developing watches that incorporate Japan’s unique traditional crafts. The most common approach is to use a dial made with Japanese techniques. Specifically, watches that use Japanese paper, lacquer, lacquer work, Raden, ceramics, enamel, cloisonne, etc. for the dial have been released. There is. In addition to this, you can also see watches with Japanese carving on the case and braids on the strap. Not only major brands such as Seiko and Citizen, but also works by independent watchmakers and small-scale workshops are increasing the number of such models, and there are many examples of collaboration with world-famous top-class craftsmen. The major point is that watch manufacturing technology has improved and it has become possible to process materials that were previously difficult to use for watches, but in terms of differentiating from the Swiss brand, such movements will accelerate in the future. Will be done. Looking at the actual product, it is no wonder that the calm and lonely texture brings out the new charm of the watch, and it is gaining popularity from a wide range of people.

Citizen The Citizen AQ4100-06W

■ Breath. Ref.AQ4100-06W. Super titanium (38.3 mm diameter / 12.2 mm thickness). Water resistant to 10 bar. Quartz (photovoltaic eco-drive). Limited to 250 pieces worldwide. 385,000 yen

The Citizen’s Iconic Nature Collection is designed to resemble the clock face as a window of a Japanese house, and to find the colors and shadows of the four seasons in the dial like a borrowed landscape. For the dial, which has an impressive deep green that expresses the scenery of spring, the ultra-thin “Tosa Tengujo”, which is a traditional Japanese craft, is used. You can enjoy the change of tone by printing on the top plate with gradation and making it a double structure. The eco-drive of photovoltaic power generation is adopted for the movement, but considering that Japanese paper is pasted on the dial of the power generation section, it can be imagined that considerable trial and error was made to ensure power generation efficiency. The exterior uses super titanium, which is lightweight and has high hardness, and has a luxurious atmosphere combined with the color of the dial. The leather belt of crocodile leather is also made of tanner in consideration of environmental load and safety, and the texture is excellent.

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Seiko Presage Arita porcelain dial limited model

■ Ref.SARW061. SS (40.6 mm diameter). Water resistant to 10 bar. Automatic winding (Cal.6R27). Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide (including 400 pieces in Japan). 220,000 yen

A limited edition model that uses the world-famous porcelain “Arita porcelain” for its dial, which boasts a history of more than 400 years. The dial is produced by the well-established Arita porcelain kiln and Hiroyuki Hashiguchi, a famous potter who belongs to the Shin kiln. The soft tone peculiar to white porcelain is a three-dimensional shape of the dial body using a special technique, and the surface is glossy finished with glaze, which clearly sets it apart from metal dials. The dial design is rather complicated with a power reserve and small seconds, but the shaded display by “Usurizome” is really beautiful. The movement is equipped with a mechanical Cal.6R27, and its movement can be confirmed from the skeleton back. So-called porcelain dials can also be found on antique watches, but dials that express such delicate tones are rare.

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Maker’s Watch Knot Automatic “Foil” Edition ATC-40SVPT

■ SS (40 mm diameter). Water resistant to 10 bar. Automatic winding (Cal.NE88). 115,500 yen (reservations are being accepted. * Bracelet sold separately, 17,600 yen)

Knot, who has made many people aware of the appeal of customized watches, has collaborated with traditional craft workshops nationwide under the theme of “MUSUBU Project” in order to disseminate Japanese craftsmanship to the world. Leading workshops in various genres such as leather, Hakata-ori, tatami mats, jacquard weave, denim, and metal processing are listed as partners, but this “foil” edition is a collaboration with Kanazawa’s long-established gold leaf workshop, Hakuichi. thing. The foil dial, which is made by stretching rare platinum to the ultimate thinness of 1 / 10,000, creates an elegant and calm texture. In addition, the case is also delicately and beautifully finished by rough polishing, which enhances the luxury of the dial. It’s a great bargain to get a mechanical watch with this level of exterior for just under 100,000 yen.

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Oceanus Manta S5000 Series

■ Ref.OCW-S5000ME-1AJF. TI (42.3mm diameter). Water resistant to 10 bar. Quartz (radio solar, mobile link). Limited to 1500 pieces worldwide. 275,000 yen

The point is that the manta ray of Casio’s high-end line “Oceanus” uses a thin dressy case. This model has a lacquer decoration on the dial and bezel. Maki-e is a traditional Japanese technique that draws pictures and letters with lacquer on the surface of lacquer ware and sprinkles gold and silver powder on the surface of the lacquer ware before drying. We are asking for cooperation from Mr. Yutaro. The point is that each individual has a different facial expression because it was created by Mr. Shimoide himself. With a splendid processing that emphasizes the chic atmosphere of the titanium exterior, the essential content also covers a full range of functions such as world timer and tough solar, including time adjustment by mobile link via Bluetooth. It is an attractive model that fuses the tradition and innovation that Japan is proud of.

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Composition ◎ Daisuke Horiuchi (Editor) / Text ◎ Hidetoshi Tatsumi

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