Get started right away with this one, a fountain pen, converter, and mini bottle! ”Profit Jr. +10 mizutama”, “10×3 mizutama fountain pen bottle ink 10ml 3 colors set”

[Sailor Fountain Pen Corporation]

mizutama collaboration design August 26 (Sat) Limited quantity release

Sailor Fountain Pen (President: Katsuya Machi, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will release “Profit Junior + 10 mizutama” and “10×3 mizutama fountain pen bottle ink 10ml 3-color set” in limited quantities at Sailor fountain pen dealers nationwide from August 26, 2023.

■ “Profit Jr. +10 mizutama”
This is a set of fountain pen, converter, and bottle ink 10ml in collaboration with illustrator mizutama.
Even if you’re new to fountain pens, this one set will help you get started right away.
The body and ink label of the fountain pen have an original design, a converter of the same color as the fountain pen limited to the set, and a 10ml bottle of original color ink supervised by Mizutama that can be tried in small quantities.
In addition, it comes with an “instruction manual that can be understood by illustrations” that can be traced with newly drawn illustrations by mizutama.

■ “10×3 mizutama fountain pen bottle ink 10ml 3 colors set”
This is a three-color set of 10ml bottle ink for fountain pens.
It is an original color ink supervised by mizutama and is a limited label design.
Since it is a mini bottle of 10ml, you can feel free to try ink in small quantities.

【Product Specifications】
Name: Profit Junior +10 mizutama
Suggested retail price: 6,380 yen (excl. 5,800 yen)
Package Size W70×D31×H132mm
Weight: 104g
Set includes: 1 Profit Junior fountain pen,
1 ink inhaler converter for fountain pen,
1 fountain pen bottle ink 10ml, instructions for use
〇 Profit Junior fountain pen
Pen tip: Stainless steel, medium fine
Pen tip finish: gold plated
Lid, body, large tip: PMMA plastic
Metal Parts: Gold IP Finish
Body size: φ17×134mm (including clip), 12.2g
〇 Fountain pen ink inhaler converter
Body size: φ7.5mm×69mm, 2.8g
〇 Fountain pen bottle ink 10ml
Ink: Water-based dye
Capacity: 10ml
Body size: W27.7×D27.7×54.0mm, 53.4g

Name: 10×3 mizutama fountain pen bottle ink 10ml 3 colors set
Suggested retail price: 3,960 yen (excl. tax: 3,600 yen)
Package Size W132×D30×H70mm
Weight: 190g
Comprises: 10ml fountain pen bottle ink 3 pcs
○ Fountain pen bottle ink 10ml
Ink: Water-based dye
Capacity: 10ml
Body size: W27.7×D27.7×H54mm, 53.4g

【Inquiries regarding product handling】
User Services : 0120-191-167 (toll-free)
more than

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