From the “Citizen Crosssea” HIKARI collection, a limited edition model with the image of the morning sun and moonlight, two beautiful “lights” is now available | Press Release from Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

“Citizen Crosssea” HIKARI Collection Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Watch*1 Titania*2 Happy Flight*3 Limited Edition
Left: ES9497-61X Suggested retail price 143,000 yen (130,000 yen excluding tax) Limited edition of 1,500 pieces worldwide
Right: ES9490-79E Suggested retail price 137,500 yen (125,000 yen excluding tax) 1,200 pieces worldwide limited

The Hikari collection of light-inspired Citizen Crosssea was updated in October 2023. The limited edition model was designed with the image of the “morning sun” that heralds the arrival of a new day and the “moonlight” that gently illuminates the night sky.
The model with the image of “Morning Sun” uses Sakura Pink(R)*4 for the band and case, which is calm and gorgeous and beautifully enhances the skin. The white butterfly dial with a pale pink gradation expresses the light emitted by the morning sun with exquisite etching, making you feel happy every time you look at it.
The “Moonlight” inspired model uses Eternal PlatinumTM*5, which has a transparent shine on the case and band. The black dial is an elegant and romantic adult design with a delicate golden gradient from the center, like the light of a soft moon floating in the dark.
Both models feature a 4-point lab-grown diamond*6 on the dial. In addition to being equipped with a photovoltaic power generation eco-drive that does not require periodic battery replacement, it is equipped with a multi-station radio wave clock that receives radio waves in four areas around the world (Japan, China, Europe, and North America) and corrects them to the correct time.

【Product Features】
■Morning sun and moonlight, two beautiful “lights”

・ The model with the image of “morning sun” uses cherry pink ® that goes well with any skin color and enhances the skin beautifully with the case and band with a moist and calm gorgeousness. A pale pink gradation is applied to the white butterfly dial to express the refreshing light emitted by the morning sun around it with delicate etching. The dial features a four-point lab-grown diamond and a sparkling motif at 6 o’clock.

・ The model with the image of “Moonlight” uses Eternal PlatinumTM, which has a transparent shine on the case and band. The black dial is delicately graded with golden lamé, like the light of a soft moon floating in the dark. The dial features a four-point lab-grown diamond and a small star and crescent moon motifs at 6 o’clock.

【Product Specifications】
Brand: Citizen Crosssea
Product name: HIKARI Collection Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Watch Titania Happy Flight Limited Edition

Item No.:ES9497-61X
Suggested retail price: 143,000 yen (130,000 yen excluding tax)
Limited Edition: 1,500 pieces worldwide
Case/Band: Super TitaniumTM*7 (Duratect*8 Sakura Pink)
Dial: White butterfly, 4-point diamond (lab-grown diamond)

Item No:ES9490-79E
Suggested retail price: 137,500 yen (125,000 yen excluding tax)
Limited Edition: Limited to 1,200 pieces worldwide
Case/Band: Super Titanium ™ (Duratect Platinum)
Dial: 4-point diamond (lab-grown diamond)

[Common hereinafter]
Release Date:2 Nov 2023
Glass: Spherical sapphire glass (non-reflective coating)
Case diameter/thickness: 27.0mm/8.2mm (design value)
Main specifications: ■Cal.H060 / Monthly difference ±15 seconds (when not received) / Photovoltaic power generation eco-drive / 3 years movable when fully charged (when power save is activated) / Power save function / Radio wave reception (Japan, China, the United States, and Europe) / Perfex*9 / World time function (24 hours difference) / Daylight saving time function / Regular time reception function / Forced reception function / Remaining charge display function ■ Luminous (needle) ■ Water resistance to 5 ATM ■ Nickel allergy resistant ■Type 1 antimagnetic watch

*1 Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Clock: Eco-Drive is a photovoltaic clock that does not require regular battery replacement, and is Citizen’s unique technology. It was also highly evaluated from the viewpoint of environmental protection, and in 1996, it was the first watch to be certified as an “Eco Mark product” in Japan. The radio wave clock receives standard radio waves transmitted from radio transmission stations and automatically corrects the time and calendar periodically.
*2 Titania: Approximately 40% lighter than stainless steel, gentle on the skin and beautiful. A sophisticated titanium model in the women’s model series equipped with the “multi-station reception type eco-drive radio wave clock world time function”.
*3 Happy Flight: A multi-station radio wave clock equipped with a photovoltaic power generation eco-drive that does not require periodic battery replacement, receives radio waves in four areas around the world (Japan, China, Europe, and North America), and corrects them to the correct time and date. In addition, it is equipped with a world time function that can be corrected to the time difference of 24 hours around the world in two steps by simply pulling the crown one step and turning it, and it also supports daylight saving time.
*4 Sakura Pink(R): Duratect “Sakura Pink(R)” that makes the skin beautiful and attractive and protects it from scratches. Surface hardening technology that protects the surface of a watch from scratches Duratect is Citizen’s unique technology that can express a wide range of colors such as silver, gold, and pink gold. In 2016, we pursued a Duratect suitable for women wearing Crosssea and developed “Sakura Pink(R)”. It is neither warm gold nor pink gold, but has a soft color and brilliance, combines “strength” that does not scratch and “beauty” that lasts forever, and has been highly supported by women since its appearance. In addition, the parts coated with Duratect “Sakura Pink(R)” have cleared the antimicrobial performance standards based on the test method stipulated by the SIAA (Society of Antimicrobial Products Technology) and have obtained SIAA certification.
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*5 ,Eternal PlatinumTM: Eternal Platinum is the nickname of “Duratect Platinum”, a surface hardening technology that has a bright and beautiful shine that blends titanium with platinum.
*6 Lab-Grown Diamond: A synthetic diamond that means “laboratory” or “grown” diamond, is an ethical diamond with the same hardness and brilliance as natural diamond, born 100% from a laboratory, not the earth, and made with the utmost consideration for environmental, safety, and labor standards.
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*7 Super TitaniumTM: Using Citizen’s proprietary technology, titanium is subjected to Duratect, a surface hardening technology, to achieve approximately five times the hardness of stainless steel. It is scratch-resistant, light and gentle on the skin, so it is comfortable to wear. (The Vickers hardness of stainless steel is about 200 Hv)
*8 Duratect: Citizen’s unique curing technology. It is a general term for technology that increases the surface hardness of metals such as stainless steel and titanium, protects the watch body from scratches and minor scratches due to excellent wear resistance, and keeps the material shiny for a long time.
*9 Perfex: Citizen’s unique advanced technology that enables more accurate time display of Eco-Drive GPS satellite radio wave clocks and Eco-Drive radio wave clocks with the trinity of JIS Class 1 antimagnetism, shock detection function, and automatic hand correction function.
Citizen Crosssea Official Brand Site
Citizen Crosssea Official Instagram @xc_citizenjp

Born in 1996 as a Citizen women’s watch brand. A watch brand that combines elegant and sophisticated design with functionality that supports daily life, such as a photovoltaic eco-drive that does not require regular battery replacement, a radio wave clock that does not require time or calendar correction, and a waterproof function. Through watches that are of reliable quality and always keep an accurate time, we provide confidence and peace of mind to look forward.
In 2015, Crosssea became the No. 1* women’s watch brand in the mid-price market in Japan. We aim to become an empowerment brand that gives courage and positive feelings by choosing and wearing Crosssea, and we will continue to support all women.
In women’s watch brands ranging from 30,000 yen to 100,000 yen (excluding smartwatches). Based on sales volume at Japan domestic retailers (including physical stores and online) in 2022. May-June 2023 According to Euromonitor International.

●Citizen Crosssea has been supporting the activities of the international NGO Plan International since 2013.
In developing countries, there are girls who are deprived of the opportunity and time to learn because they are “girls and women” and are placed at the bottom of society. Since 2013, Crosssea has been supporting women around the world by continuously donating a portion of its sales to Plan International, an international NGO. Aiming for a future where girls can acquire the “power to live” and carve out their own lives

What is a < citizen watch>
Citizen Watches is a manufacture that can manufacture everything from watch parts to assembly and adjustment of finished watches, and is developing business in about 140 countries and regions around the world. Since our founding in 1918, based on the belief that “Better Starts Now” and “As long as we act with the idea that ‘now’ is the starting point, we can constantly make something better,” we have always considered and developed the possibilities of watches, starting with mechanical and developing the world’s first photovoltaic power generation technology “Eco-Drive” and cutting-edge satellite radio wave clocks. Citizen Watches will continue to open up the future of watches.
★Eco-Drive, hikari, SAKURA, Sakura pink, Eternal Platinum, Super Titanium, HAPPY FLIGHT, DURATECT and Perfex are registered trademarks or trademarks of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
★Instagram is a registered trademark or trademark of Instagram, LLC in the United States and other countries.
★ The information in this release is current as of the date of publication. Product design, price, release date, specifications, etc. are subject to change.
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