Ginza Itoya Limited Edition “ROMEO No.3 Element”|Itoya Co., Ltd. Press Release

The event “K1108 WRITING BASE” will be held at the Ginza Itoya main store from June 1, 2023. During the period, K.Itoya, the annex of the main store, will serve as a base called “K1108” and a selection of writing instruments will be gathered. The limited edition “ROMEO No.3 Element Ballpoint Pen Thick / Fine Axis” created for this event is a special series that shows a different expression from the standard “No.3”. As if you have stepped into a parallel world, “No.3” has a variety of expressions that make you excited just by looking at it, such as uniqueness, fearlessness, cuteness and freshness. It is a collection item with a high degree of originality and rarity, such as a body engraved with the symbol (∈) of the element that foreshadows the world of “ROMEO” that has not yet been seen, a pattern on the acrylic body that is different one by one, and a combination with three types of metal trim.

The ROMEO No.3 Element expresses your individuality while maintaining the important elements of “No.3” such as a timeless, flowing design and comfortable writing comfort. We will invite you to the world of “ROMEO” that expands from unexpected encounters.


Thursday, June 1 — Friday, June 30, 2023 Ginza Itoya Main Store K.Itoya 1F

*The event-limited “ROMEO No.3 Element Ballpoint Pen” will be on sale from June 9, 2023 (Friday).

*For details of the event, including reservation start date and reservation method, please see the Itoya website.

* In order for as many customers as possible to purchase limited edition items, we will set a limit on the number of units purchased.

【Event Limited】《ROMEO》No.3 Element Ballpoint Pen Thick Axis
¥16,500〜¥22,000(tax included)

【Event Limited】《ROMEO》No.3 Element Ballpoint Pen Fine Axis
¥15,400〜¥20,900(tax included)
*Prices vary depending on the material of the body.

* We cannot accept repairs because we are using one-of-a-kind parts. Thank you for your understanding.

What is ROMEO No.3?
Rooted in Itoya’s original “ROMEO fountain pen” born in the Taisho era, it is an iconic ballpoint pen that represents the brand. It features a beautiful form that colors the hand, excellent weight balance and smooth writing. It is a writing instrument that combines a beautiful design and a reliable writing taste even though it has passed through the ages, and is recommended by Itoya with confidence.

What is Itoya?
Founded in 1904 (Meiji 37), Itoya is a stationery specialty store that conveys “new value one step ahead” at any time.
We believe that when creative time is enriched by optimal environments and beautiful tools, such as when working, learning, playing, coming up with ideas, organizing thoughts, and communicating, it will become a new cycle of creativity. We create this cycle and propose products and space creation to make creative times more beautiful and comfortable.

Itoya Corporation
TEL:03 -3561- 8311

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